I work with Spiritual Humans who want to

move from self doubt, shame and suicidal thoughts to


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You feel a pain deep in your bones and your whole body hurts.

For SO long you have been trying to be happy, to fix your life, to make sure your parents are happy and the only way you know how to do that is to be happy yourself. BUT you’re not happy, you’re far from it.

EVERYTHING feels like it is your fault. You are always fucking blamed for everything.

The blame, the guilt, the shame you carry is so heavy that you are exhausted and sometimes you wish you didn’t even exist.

You so badly want to be seen. You want to be appreciated for who you are but no one can see you and you are drowning under the weight of unwanted feelings.

You feel frozen, hopeless, and alone.

You have been screaming for help, looking to God for answers and you’ve tried therapist after therapist. Yet, you’re still left feeling less than, not good enough, and unimportant in this world.

You are desperate for help.

Desperate for the burden of overwhelming shame to somehow be lifted.

Imagine feeling better.

Imagine feeling lighter, feeling seen and feeling important in this world.

  • Imagine feeling confident and knowing you trust yourself.
  • Imagine feeling surrounded by support no matter what life throws at you.
  • Imagine feeling like you deserve help and having your needs met.

With therapy you can give yourself what you never got, yet always wanted, as a child. Your needs will be met

(even if you don’t know what those needs are yet…we’ll discover your needs together).

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Hi! I’m Heidi Lindeman

Hi, I’m Heidi Lindeman. I am dedicated to supporting people connect to their souls in order to heal shame and suicidal thoughts. You can step boldly into your authentic confident Self.

You might wonder if shame really is your issue. Shame has different flavors but often shows up such as…

  • You often feel like you are trying so hard and still failing.
  • You feel uncertain on how to deal with your own intense emotions.
  • You wish you no longer existed.
  • Not existing sometimes feels easier than going on living.
  • You know you want to move out of feeling like shit all the time.
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling crummy all the time.
  • You feel undervalued and not appreciated by many people in your life.
  • You find you take care of everyone else’s needs and are expected to be happy.
  • You want someone to just take care of you and help you feel better.

Here are a couple descriptions of people I work well with (this isn’t attached to your shame but more of how you see your inner/core self).

  • You think of yourself as creative, maybe it’s a vivid imagination, maybe it’s liking to do art, maybe it’s seeing characters when you read a book.
  • Spirituality is important in your life…either in the forms of using crystals, tarot cards, essential oils, meditation or in the form of going to church, synagogue or other sacred place.
  • You are dedicated to your healing journey and living more fully into your authenticity.

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these we might be a great fit. You can schedule a free consultation by clicking here.

I look forward to meeting you!

Let me introduce myself

Just a few logistics…

  • Self Grounded Therapy is a completely online business. ALL session are held on a secure Telehealth platform or over the phone.
  • I am able to work with anyone who lives in the state of Colorado.
  • I cannot work with anyone that has Medicaid.