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“Become an unflinching source of kindness and Self-compassion for yourself.” – Pete Walker

Who Is This For? 


    • Who want to learn how to transform suicidal thoughts.
      • Who live with suicidal thoughts and are at a loss for what might help.
    • Who want to heal from trauma.
      • You might struggle with feeling satisfied in life.
      • You might feel controlled by intense emotions. 
      • You might experience anxiety and/or depression.
      • You might feel held back from being your true self and reaching your dreams.

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Healing Trauma

    • Have you found yourself unsure of where to turn when you are overcome with powerful emotions? 
      • Did you know that often powerful emotions are a type of flashback for those who experinced trauma as a child?
      • Did you know you can learn how to be with the intense emotions to ease them? 
      • I can help you identify where the trauma lives. I can help you identify parts of yourself that hold this trauma. 
      • We can help release the pain of the trauma. Healing is possible. 
      • This healing journey will rewire your brain pathways and help you live the life you have been waiting to live. 
        • You need not be constantly stuck in survival mode. Together, I can help you break free from survival mode and claim a life of thriving. 

Transforming Suicidal Thoughts

    • Do you live with suicidal thoughts? Do you, on some days, want nothing more than to be dead? Are you tired of fighting with suicidal thoughts? 
      • I want you to know you are not alone. Suicidal thoughts are a normal human experiences.
      • In the midst of suicidal thoughts it can be challenging to see any hope. You may not be able to see how anything other than death will relive the pain you are experiencing. This is a be a dark place to live. 
      • I want you to know, even though you may not feel it right now, I can hold hope for you. If you call or email I can help you transform the messages of suicidal thoughts. 
      • I have transformed my own suicidal thoughts. I have the experience of living with suicidal thoughts. I walk the human journey with you. You do not have to be alone with suicidal thoughts. 

All Parts are Welcome and Accepted

    • You have many parts of yourself and I can help you identify those parts. I can help you heal the pain of your parts. 
    • You can change your relationship to yourself and those around you.
    • Break free from trauma, overwhelming emotions, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.
    • I am here to be with you in all your experiences, to guide you towards healing trauma and transforming suicidal thoughts. 
  • If this resonates with you and you are ready to change your life fill out the contact form to request a free consultation. 

Self Ground Therapy Meaning

You may be wondering what does Self Grounded Therapy mean and why choose this therapist over another. Let me give you some understanding on where the name Self Grounded Therapy came from, what it means to me and how you can benefit from this type of therapy. This all came about from my work with Internal Family Systems (IFS).  Have you ever said there’s a part of me that wants this and another part that wants that? Have you ever found yourself wondering who you really are and how to get back to who you used to know yourself to be? These questions point to what IFS helps us know, that we all have parts of ourselves and that we all have a Self. SELF with a capital S is the core of who we truly are. When we are living a Self-Led life, we experience creativity, curiosity, openness, courage, and know we have the capacity to live a full life even when presented with challenges. Self Ground Therapy is designed to work with all parts and uncover Self. When Self is felt over and over again it becomes easier to lead a Self-Led life, be Ground in your true authentic Self. It is my goal to guide you into your inner world to discover your SELF. Working with each part from Self energy is how we transform suicidal thoughts and heal trauma. (Check out the blog page to read more). 


Who Am I?

I’m Heidi Lindeman

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brené Brown

Part of My Story

My road to becoming an individual therapist has been unique. I started off wanting to be a minister in a liberal christian church. Being an introvert I came to understand one on one conversations are the most fulfilling. Knowing this about myself and the growth I experienced in my personal therapy when I was in seminary lead me to seek a counseling degree. I am like all humans who have struggles and challenges in life. I have lived with suicidal ideation and learned how to hear messages from suicidal thoughts for self-care. My mind and body have messages for me. I have learned over the years how to attune to myself. Learning to attune to myself has been drastically important on my path to transformation and healing.

Although I believe transformation and healing can be a life long journey, I also know that there have been pivotal points in my life that lead to a deeper sense of knowing myself and being grounded in who I am. I can only thrive when I feel grounded in myself. With work through several therapist I went on a journey. First, I discovered I have feelings and began to feel them and be less dissociated. Next, I worked with a somatic therapist to gain grounding and comfort in my own body and to learn tangibly about boundaries. Then I moved into a relational therapy model where I began to transform pre-verbal hurts through honesty and trust in the therapy relationship. However, one of the most powerful experiences has been with Internal Family Systems. I have many parts (which is a normal human experience). Parts work has allowed me to clearly identify what is happening inside and how to offer that part of me the care it needs. When I am able to notice parts of myself and connect to them I become more appreciative of the life I have and hopeful, knowing I can thrive in this life.

My friends would tell you that I am passionate about Internal Family Systems because it changed my life and I believe it can change your life too. I come with passion, patience, loyalty, a deep sense of spiritual connection and openness. I can be a bit of a nerd who loves learning and finding what actually helps myself and others grow. In sessions I offer myself and guide people through their internal world for deeper understanding.

Credentials and Trainings:

    • Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC) – May 2019
    • M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Regis University 2019
    • Post Graduate Certificate in Depth Psychotherapy – Regis University 2019
    • Masters in Divinity – Chicago Theological Seminary 2014
    • B.A in Sociology Human Services – Mesa State College 2010
  • Trainings

    • Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training – Center for Self Leadership 2019
    • Attachment Based Family Therapy workshop – 2017
    • Peer Support Specialist Training – RMCP 2016
    • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) 2016

This combination of degrees and trainings allows me to tenderly sit with people who are experiencing intense emotions and have been through painful experiences. I attune to where you are and gently guide you into your internal world to gain awareness to your personal workings. From this place we can work towards shifting and healing past hurts.



Individual Psychotherapy 


        • Adults who might have:
          • C-PTSD
          • Suicidal Ideation
          • Spiritual Exploration
          • Childhood Trauma (Complex trauma)

         Other Areas

          • Anxiety
          • Depression
          • Dissociation
          • PTSD

Group Psychotherapy

Exploring the Depths of Suicidal Ideation through Images: Living to Tell Your Story 

This group if for those who experience suicidal thoughts and want to change how you relate to suicidal thoughts. Designed by Heidi Lindeman to explore the messages under suicidal thoughts and create self-care. I believe suicidal ideation and urges are there to tell us something important in our lives. As a group we come together being supported by others with similar experiences. This is a co-led group. Pre-registration is required. Please call or fill out the contact form to be added to a waitlist. I will reach out to those who reach out first as new group space is available. New groups will begin as interest grows so please let me know if  you are interested. 


        • Internal Family Systems (IFS)– Parts Work
        • Jungian depth psychotherapy
        • Person Centered 


      • $90-$115 cash/check – 50 min individual psychotherapy
      • $5 up-charge for credit care payment
      • Limited number of sliding scale options 
      • $40-$60 – group psychotherapy 


Heidi Lindeman

      • M.Div, M.A., LPCC, IFS Therapist



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