Do you offer online therapy?2023-05-15T13:00:16-06:00

Yes. Online therapy is provided.

I moved fully to online therapy during COVID. I continue to maintain a fully online practice using a HIPAA compliant platform.

Do you take insurance?2023-05-15T13:19:53-06:00

I do not take insurance. However, I can provide superbills you can submit to your insurance. There are benefits you have not going through insurance. Without insurance we are free to work together for the amount of time that is best for your healing. We can work together to decide how long therapy is needed. Without insurance we do not have to use diagnosis that could potentially follow you. However, if you want to use a superbill for insurance we will have to use a diagnosis so you can be reimbursed.

Do you work with couples/families?2023-05-15T13:10:00-06:00

The short answer is no. I currently focus on individual work. Relationships are important in our lives and I work with you to recognize what is happening inside you and within relationships to help you establish boundaries. There is a lot that can change in relationships when you become aware of internal patterns and work on healing the hurt places inside of you.

If you are needing couples counseling I would suggest

For Family Therapy I’d suggest

Do you work with teenagers?2020-04-24T17:16:52-06:00

I currently work with adults (18+). I do recognize there is a growing awareness of youth suicide. If you are a youth struggling with suicidal thoughts you can read about suicide support here. This is also a place parents can find resources for themself. If you are a parent of a teen feel free to reach out to me for your own support.

Youth can also use Safe2Tell to find someone who can support you.

If you are a youth/parent and you are looking for referrals for a therapist I would suggest:

How do you use spirituality in counseling?2023-05-15T13:18:42-06:00

I hold the belief and understanding that we all have a unique spiritual and religious path. I find the work of IFS to be grounded in spirituality. I find spirituality an important piece of life. I welcome all religious perspectives and am here to help you grapple with questions you have around your own faith and spiritual journey. As I am a liberal Christian myself, with a Masters in Divinity, I have a deeper grounding in Christianity. However, I value perspectives different than mine. I have the most contact and work with Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Spiritual but not religious folks. I enjoy exploring clients spiritual sides and when appropriate and using spirituality as a resource.

If I talk about suicide are you going to admit me to a hospital?2023-05-15T13:15:28-06:00

The short answer is no. I will to immediately jump to hospitalization the moment you talk about suicide. I want to work WITH you for your safety which may or may not be a hospital setting. My stance is one where accepting the suicidal parts of you and learning about them through IFS therapy. I am not afraid of suicide and do not immediately jump to hospitalization. We will explore your suicidal parts and uncover what they need. I do my best to work with you in open and honest conversations around suicide and what is going to be most supportive for you. I do my best to create a welcoming environment to explore suicidal thoughts and learn from them. We will work together to find what will work best for you in your healing journey and every day life. Calling for a welfare check would occur if you tell me you acted on your suicidal thoughts or are going to soon, because I am legally obligated too. However, I will always do my best to not call, unless that is what you want. I will do everything I can to provide the support needed in our culture that stigmatizes suicide. You did not create suicidal thoughts, they are part of you and are expressing something specific.

Is Internal Family Systems (IFS) about Family therapy?2020-01-19T12:59:55-07:00

No, I use IFS with individuals. We explore your internal world and learn how your internal dynamics may seem like a family. We work to learn about parts of you and work within your system. You can read more about IFS on the IFS page.


Is Online Therapy Effective?2023-05-15T13:04:40-06:00

Yes, online therapy is effective. In fact for some people it is even more effective than in person session. Particularly for people who have strong protectors that keep them from wanting to show feelings in the presence of another human.  Maybe it’s a social anxiety or a feeling that I’m “not allowed to cry in front of other’s,” or a sense that I have to “take care of other’s feelings.” As you sit in the comfort of your home you may find the social pressures are able to slightly ease allowing you access to more of your full experience of feelings. There is a way in which having a screen between you and me can open up a space for emotions to come forth easier. As well, I have found I can continue to be attuned to you and hold the therapeutic space in a similar way I hold the space for in person sessions. You will also have the comfort of your own belongings around you, which can create more relaxation.

However, with online therapy it is important you are mindful of your own environment. You will have to take control of going to a room that is away from others in your household. You may find you want to use headphones. You want to provide yourself with the privacy needed to be open and honest with yourself and me. You will want to find a space free from distractions, shut off your phone, be away from others, to honor your therapy time.

What are your costs?2023-05-15T13:11:56-06:00

For an individual 50 min session I charge $225.

For sessions with more than one person the fee is $250.

For group therapy it cost $65 per session. My current group “Exploring the Depths of Suicidal Ideation through Images; Living to Tell Your Story” is an 8-12 week group. You must pay for each session regardless of attendance. If you pay the full fee upfront there is a 10% discount.

What does LPC mean?2023-05-15T12:58:21-06:00

LPC is Licensed Professional Counselor. What this means is I have graduated from Regis Univiserity with my masters in counseling. I have completed an internship during school. I have completed 2,000 hours of work as a therapist under supervision post graduation.

What is the process of therapy?2023-05-15T13:09:13-06:00
  1. First, you have identified you would like support in an area of your life or you are feeling overwhelmed and need extra support. Naming you need support to help with something in your life is an amazing first step! So now what?
  2. You will want to schedule a consult with me. Once you schedule I’ll send a very brief online questionnaire to guide the consult.
  3. On a consult phone call we will have a chance to answer any additional questions you have. You can briefly tell me what concerns you have and what you are hoping for out of counseling. I will be able to provide more information about me and let you know if I can help you with your issue. You can ask me any question you want. I will provide you with information about how I work.
  4. If you decide to work with me I will send you electronic intake paperwork and schedule the first session. You will read through the paperwork and sign saying you understand. You can ask me any questions you have about the paperwork. You will also complete an intake in which you will write out more about what you are looking for out of counseling. I ask things along the lines of what brings you to counseling, what goals you have, what fears you have about therapy, and I ask for a bit of background information. This information makes it so you do not have to tell me as much background information in the first session.
  5. In the first session I’ll ask you to tell me a little more about yourself. We will work to hone in on your goals for therapy. Sometimes people come into therapy and think I need to know everything about their lives in order to help them. With the way I work I do not need to know everything that has happened in your life and I trust the important information will come up as it is ready. The first session we talk about you. You share what you feel is needed and I listen, letting you know I hear you. My goal in the first session is to be present with you as I listen to what you are saying and help clarify your goals for therapy.
  6. The next several session we will continue to get to know each other. You will continue to talk about what is going on for you. I’ll start directing you to notice what is happening in the present moment as you are talking about your life. I will help you notice more about yourself.
  7. As more trust is built in the relationship I will continue to work with you on your goals. You set the goals and I help you direct toward those goals.
  8. With Internal Family Systems (IFS) I will support you to have a deeper understanding with parts of yourself. I will help you uncover or deepen into who you are in your deepest being.
  9. Therapy session will continue until you meet your goals.
  10. When you have met your goals therapy can end. We can also progressively move to fewer sessions as you tapper off of therapy.
  11. You are always welcome to reach back out for me for future sessions. Maybe something happens in your life and you need a few more session to work on healing. Or maybe you find you are in need of another session or two to hone up on your mental well-being. You can know that I am here for you in the future.
Where are you located?2023-05-15T13:11:07-06:00

I operate a fully online practice! My office comes right to you on your computer wherever you are. I physically am in Longmont, Colorado and can work with anyone remotely who lives in the state of Colorado. I used a HIPAA protected platform. It’s important that when we are in sessions you are in a confidential space where you can be comfortable to speak freely. This might be a room in your house, a conference room at work, or in your car. It’s best to have a strong internet connection. If you are in a place where others can hear you we will need to stop the session until you find a private space. Online therapy is most effective when you can relax into your space and others are not able to hear you.

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