YOU Are Worth the Investment

It makes so much sense to have a hesitation about spending your money on therapy. After all, as a women you’ve learned to care for others first. However, investing in yourself is also an investment in those you care for; no matter if that is children, a partner, your congregation, friends, or colleagues. You are scheduling time for therapy to improve yourself because you have reached the point where you know your needs must be central to continue to care for others in your life. Therapy is not just spending money for a quick dose of happy or a “feel good surge” from buying something. Therapy is an investment in YOUR Healing; transforming the way you live. In any purchase there are risks but the risk for your healing is SO worth it!

You deserve to get the most out of your investment.

That’s why I make sure we are a good fit and I make sure everyone who works with me receives quality care. I intentionally keep a small case load so I can make you feel valued throughout therapy and help you achieve lasting change! There’s no quick fixes that last a couple days with me. You are investing in therapy and I invest in you. To work with me you must live in Colorado.

Extra Value I provide to you:

  • Personalized Online Portal
  • Online Scheduling
  • Secure Messaging
  • Communication between sessions if needed
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders
  • Coordination of Care with other Providers
  • Mailings with Tips and Self-Care Reminders
  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Virtual Session

Out of Pocket Investment

  • Individual Session 50-Minutes $225
  • Individual Session 80-Minutes $337.50
  • Individual Session 110-Minute $450
  • Session with more than one person for 50 Minute Session $250
  • Suicide Support Therapy Group 12 weeks $65 per session.
    • Paid weekly $780.
    • 10% discount for paying upfront $702
  • Phone calls lasting more than 15 minutes are charged on a prorated basis of my full fee.

Cancellation Policy

  • I request 48 hour notice of cancelations for NO Charge to you.
  • If you cancel between 48-24 hours before you appointment there is a 75% fee ($168.75).
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment the full fee is charged.

The therapy session is reserved specifically for you and is time devoted to your healing.


I do not accept any insurance and am considered an out of network provider.

With the rules of insurance companies dictating how many sessions are covered, the length of treatment, treatment requirement for diagnosis, and requiring a diagnosis I choose not to work with insurance company. I value your individualized care so much I do not want your healing to be limited. You are investing in your healing and I want to provide you with the best care possible.

By passing insurance companies allows flexibility and personalized treatment for each client.

Not to mention privacy. Without using insurance you do not have an official diagnosis that will follow you around. We can still use diagnosis to help tailor treatment to your needs but there is not a requirement.

Most of the people who come through my doors have experienced something in childhood that continues to affect them today but does not met a formal diagnosis. Without using insurance you can have the healing your heart is aching for.

As well, with online therapy many insurance companies will not cover it. There is more flexibility for you to get the care you need currently with COVID. And also, in the future if you are traveling, want to save on gas, or prefer online therapy that is an option!

If you do want to try and get reimbursement from your insurance I can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance. Note with this there will need to be a diagnosis. I highly encourage you to reach out to your insurance first to see what mental health benefits you have and if they will cover online therapy.

If you have Medicaid I cannot see you. You need to find a provider who accepts Medicaid.

Forms of Payment

  • Credit Card
  • Check*
  • Cash*
    • *these are more challenging during COVID with virtual sessions.

If the cost seems out of reach consider:

  • Using pre-taxed dollars: See if your work has a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account
  • Speak to your tax preparer to see if they can deduct therapy for taxes as an out of pocket health expense.
  • Understand that therapy is an investment in yourself. Compare the financial cost to the emotional cost of NOT seeking help. Recognize no action will result in the same life you are living. Taking action through therapy provides benefits to your lasting healing.

Make the Investment in Yourself.

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