Stressed Out Mom Aching for “ME Time” and Authenticity


“Being a Mom is Harder than I expected.” This thought has likely run through your head more times than you can even count. These words are so common that they are not even words anymore but a feeling you live with all the time. You feel stressed, confused, foggy, lost and TIRED all the time.

You never realized being a mom would be so depleting.

You had painted this glorious picture in your head before becoming a parent. You may have dreamed of being a mom for years or just a few months. But you were SURE there would be so much LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, as you held your baby.

It’s almost as though you hoped a whole new magical world would manifest once baby was here. You thought that having a baby would be the best thing in the world. Not to mention that everyone around you told you things like, “you’re going to be a great mom”, “enjoy every moment of those baby snuggles,” “being a parent is the best,” “Aren’t you so excited!” You might have known in the back of your mind that somethings would be hard, like not getting enough sleep and worrying about money. Though, you pushed those challenging thoughts away as much as you could. You didn’t want to scare yourself out of having a baby.


You are a Parent.

You SURVIVED the newborn stage.

Now you are ready for more.

To uncover if there is anyway to make part of your dream come true, to have a bit more peace, calm and happiness in your family life.

You had hoped that getting through the newborn stage things would be easier and you’d find yourself again. Yet, now you have a full blown toddler and things are NOT easier. You may feel a bit more rested but you are still tired from the toddler randomly waking up at night or waking up really early. Not to mention toddlers have A LOT of energy; they go go go ALL…DAY…LONG. You anxiously await bedtime so you can have a break from the constant motion of your toddler. Yet, as soon as you put them to bed you miss them…you may even feel guilty for spending all day wanting to get away from them and not feeling very present with them. You hear others say “the days are long but the years are short.” That makes some sense to you because the days do feel so looooooong and exhausting. All you want is a bit more joy and peace in your house. You want to ENJOY being a parent.

Your focus seems to be mostly on your child. If you work that is pretty much the only other thing in your life you are doing. You hear about self-care and laugh…because who has time for that with little kids? Yet, you CRAVE “you time.” In fact, that is why you can’t wait for bedtime to come so you can have a few mins, or maybe an hour or so, to watch your show. You wish you had more energy to even try to attempt doing things you once enjoyed, thinks like reading, art, hanging out with friends, getting a massage, going for a hike, or any other thing you now find challenging to do because of being a parent. You even find yourself pretty much only talking about your kids, the new thing they can do or the challenging moments you are having. Part of you is looking to solve the “problem” your kid is having…You hope solving the problem (like hitting, biting, sleeping) will make your life more peaceful and calm. You may have tried many things to address the child’s behavior and now you are FRUSTRATED.

NOTHING seems to WORK.

Part of you wants to give up even trying anymore and do whatever is the easiest to end the disruption in life as quick as possible. Yet, another part of you, a deeper part, wants to be a parent that acknowledges feelings and helps the child regulate their own feelings.

Yet, you feel LOST.

How in the world are you supposed to help your child regulate their feelings (which are explosive at times) when you aren’t even quite sure how to regulate your own feelings? How do you teach someone something that no one has really taught you?

That is where I come in.

Together we can do two things.

1. Take care of yourself. BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU! (We uncover who you are again and let you shine from there)

2. Build a more PEACEFUL Family Life and a deeper CONNECTION with your child.

We will work through how you can get Self-care AND meet the needs of your child. I know you may be very focused on how best to support your child which may make it feel slightly odd to even suggest that you turn the focus back to you. In your view it seems that it is how your child reacts to things that is the problem so you want to solve that. I want you to know that your child is not bad or manipulative or trying to make you angry. Your child is a GOOD KID (thank you Dr. Becky for knowing we are ALL Good Inside). My job is to help you rewire your brain so your first response to your child is based on them being a good kid rather than a problem to solve. It is only then that we can give you the tools you need to self regulate so you can teach your child how to self regulate.


When you shift yourself you will see your child in a new light which can help you enjoy parenting a bit more. This will allow you to authentically parent.

Come back to yourself, your true knowing, your Authentic Self and become the parent you have always wanted to be.

Schedule a free consultation now to start taking care of yourself. You can impact your whole family through caring for you.

I look forward to meeting you and giving you a moment to breathe.

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