Does Anxiety Leave You Feeling Like a Human Doing

Rather than a Human Being?

Watch this video to hear how anxiety might show up in your life. Anxiety CAN lead you to the life you desire.

Is your mind riddled with thoughts and to-do lists? Are you struggling to stay on top of all the “to-do’s” in life; between work, home life, and leisure time? Is your life structured in such a way others praise you for all you get done but miss your internal struggle? Is insomnia part of your life? Does your mind race with spiraling thoughts of worst case scenarios or the never ending to-do list? With all the activation of your mind do you find it nearly impossible to sleep at night as you think about all the things you should be doing? And during the day are you left feeling stuck unable to take action on all those things that need to be done?

When anxiety takes over symptoms of anxiety can include physical symptoms such as sweaty palms, racing heart, tension in muscles, shaking in your legs or whole body, shortness of breath and even nausea. Other anxiety symptoms are racing thoughts, mind fog, scatteredness, constant worry, or agitation. When you live with anxiety, especially high functioning anxiety, others might see you as organized and on top of your game. But inside you experience an edgy, irritated, energy of worry. You are not pleased with everything you get done. You feel you are constantly behind, missing something, unable to deal with all the pressures of life. You are doing anything you can to gain a sense of control; to get unstuck. You work as hard as you can to ensure people around you are well cared for both at work and in your personal family life. The amount of energy you put into making things just right is exhausting.

When you feel run down, tired of all the effort you put in treatment for anxiety can offer support so you can get unstuck from anxieties grip on your life. Therapy provides a space for you to learn how to be with the anxiety in a new way. Anxiety treatment can help ease the amount of anxiety you feel.


*This is Polli, a Worry Eater, who can help you with your anxiety.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health challenges, affecting 40 million adults every year in the United States. You are not alone in your experiences of anxiety. In fact, as our society is such a success driven society it makes sense so many of us live with anxiety. How are we ever to meet the standards of individual success on our own? The amount of pressure of success in our society is huge. This is to say, it is not your fault you struggle with anxiety. When we look around this world there’s any number of things that create worry and fear of the future.

Some anxiety is a normal protective factor for all humans. In fact, we need a certain amount of activation in our bodies to amp our body up to do everyday tasks like getting out of bed, getting ready for work, and safely being out in the world. There are body hormones and chemicals that create activation allowing us to function in life. The struggle for those, maybe even you, who live with high levels of these hormones in their bodies is the body never has time to rest and restore. Having a high state of stress in our bodies can lead to physical and intense mental health challenges if not treated. Often these stress hormones, when overwhelming are experienced as anxiety. The good news is therapy for anxiety can reduce both the physical and emotional anxiety symptoms.


Therapy can help you ease your anxiety with daily coping skills to make it through the day and/or to deeper work to finally move beyond anxiety. You need not be stuck in anxiety any longer. Each client has unique needs and goals. You may know exactly what you need or you may have no idea. No matter where you are, we can work together towards your goals around anxiety to help you live the life you want.

In my practice I provide real strategies to tackle being stuck. I give you the skills you need to progress in your life outside of the grip of anxiety. The main approach I use is Internal Family Systems (IFS) because it is an effective method and empirically based. I see the world through a creative lens and allow my creativity to come out through sessions to support you in healing internally and externally. With Internal Family Systems multiple things happen at the same time. One, we get to know the anxious part(s) of you and how to help them. We can track and discover deeper hurts that anxiety is working to protect you from experiencing. When these deeper hurts are healed or released the anxious part will not have to work so hard and can take on another role in your life. Two, IFS is a model that facilitates mindfulness and being in the present with yourself in a directed, clear and creative manner. It is different from meditation, yet promotes many of the same benefits of meditation. Three, you will learn how to be with all aspects of yourself with a bit more compassion and tenderness. Lastly, the model allows you to learn how to be with your own parts outside of sessions so your healing can be faster and cost less as you gain confidence to heal yourself.

Living with high functioning anxiety or any anxiety can be exhausting and leave you without a moment to rest. However, when you invest in yourself and create time to truly discover what works for you your life will be different. There is hope to relieve the constant tug of anxiety through knowing yourself better, taking space to be with all that shows up for you and healing deeper wounds. Our world is a fast paced world and you did not create the anxiety. There are simple things to try to help at first as you do the deeper work. It is clear you have an interest in supporting yourself as you have read this far.

You might be leaning in the direction of therapy but you have some questions…

What if I don’t have time for therapy?

I understand attending therapy can be difficult if you have a busy schedule; especially when anxiety tells you there’s not enough time to get everything done. However, your health is something worth setting the time aside for and by attending therapy you will in fact be honoring your anxious parts in clear ways. It’s easy to be distracted by the world, but with planning, you don’t have to be overwhelmed. In our session, we’ll create a schedule that accommodates your needs. For those with more demanding responsibilities, I have some Saturday and early evening availability.

What if therapy is too expensive for me?

Therapy is an investment in yourself that stays with you forever. It’s easy to discount your needs and focus on others or to not hear the deeper need behind your anxiety. Ignoring your emotions can leave you overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused. Prioritizing your own well-being is a worthwhile investment, and therapy for anxiety can give you the space to gain clarity and care for your own needs.

Can’t I just rely on friends and family for help?

Having a strong support system is important for a well balanced life. Those who love you will be a great resource as you learn to rely on others. However, your friends and family don’t always possess the necessary skills to fully support your healing journey. In fact, your relationships can often be an obstacle, as people may be too close and personally invested in your life to stay focused on what’s best for your healing journey, whereas a trained professional has developed skills and experience to support you in treating anxiety. Together, we’ll identify the ways in which family and friends can be supportive while setting forth boundaries that give you the space to heal.

I’ve tried so many things and nothing has helped. How do I know therapy is right for me?

My approach prioritizes discovering your needs so we can reduce emotional suffering. It’s no secret that anxiety is rampant in our world. Together, we’ll work at a comfortable pace for all parts as we engage on your therapeutic journey. Once we uncover your needs, we’ll develop a model towards supporting needs around anxiety that will be with you the rest of your life. The way I work allows you to take charge of your healing. My goal is to empower you so you won’t need me forever, and this is possible due to the way IFS works.

Take Control Of Who You Want To Be

Anxiety has a way of keeping you so activated and pressured you lose ability to function in a healthy balanced manner. Therapy for anxiety can provide you with tools, perspective, and understanding that allow you to honor anxiety and change the way it takes over your life. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, to schedule your first session or free 15 min. consultation click the button below.

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